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Emerald Planning Services, Inc. provides comprehensive financial planning, investment advice, tax and estate planning services to individuals and small business owners.  Having spent over 25 years in the accounting community earning the trust of our clients, we feel that our firm provides the professionalism and leadership necessary to guide you through the total financial planning process. 

Our website was designed to provide basic guidance on the personal financial planning steps that we feel are most important to your long range financial health.  We'd appreciate hearing from you with any suggestions or questions!


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Daniel McMahon, CPA CFP"Having experience in tax and estate planning, along with the CPA background, has lead us into the financial planning area with a conservative bent on the investment side. During the 1980s, the emphasis was on maximum return. However, we have quickly learned that the market, also can go down, as well as up. Risk or volatility can be just as important as return. A major study of pension plans in 1986 and updated in 1991 determined that over 91% of the portfolio performance was determined by the asset allocation process. Thatís why we place the asset allocation decision at the heart of our investment decision. Since we manage your portfolio on a fee-only basis, there is no bias in our recommendations to you."

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