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Did you know that with an investment of $2,000 for 11 years, you could accumulate in excess of $1 million? How is this possible?  With some forethought and starting your investment program at age 19 to age 30, you would have in excess of $1.1 million at age 65, assuming an annual compound rate of 10%. No wonder Albert Einstein considered the time value of money " the 8th wonder of the world". 


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The other critical element in investing is diversification. A study of pension plans was done in 1986 and updated in 1991 that stated "asset allocation is the overwhelming dominant contributor (91.5%) to the total return of an investment portfolio."  Picking the right stock or mutual fund is not the answer (4.6%). And market timing is certainly not the answer either (1.8%). Emerald Planning is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our firm is a strong proponent of "asset allocation" for your investment portfolio.

Graph - past performance of asset classesIn this age of lightning quick information, global markets and a sea of new investment alternatives, you may find yourself slightly overwhelmed when it comes to selecting prudent investments. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, access to sophisticated research, and no small amount of financial savvy—not to mention a nerve of steel—chances are you could benefit from the services of an expert. What we have done in the Emerald Planning Asset Management program to alleviate this problem is forge strategic alliances with a number of institutional money managers, some of which are household names, Goldman Sachs, UBS Global, Standard & Poor’s or Wilshire Associates, who advise to over $1.2 trillion ("t" not a "b"). This is serious money and they have earned the respect of all institutions. This is a formidable team and I feel quite confident in saying that I do not think that anyone would be able to offer you the caliber of investment advice that we can provide to you at Emerald.

We at Emerald go through a very thorough six step management process that mobilizes an unprecedented level of resources to help the client plan their financial future with confidence and precision:

Step 1 – Analyze your current financial position: The fundamental criteria include investment goals, time horizon, available resources, need for liquidity, desired rate of return and last but not least--tolerance for risk

Step 2 – Establish a written asset allocation policy

Step 3 – Selection of investment strategists

Step 4 – Implementation with carefully selected no-load mutual funds

Step 5 – Monitor and rebalancing of portfolio

Step 6 – Reporting and analysis of results

Based on your risk tolerance, time horizon, goals and objectives, we will manage your portfolio on a fee-only basis.

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