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Most people are in great need of personal financial planning. They have certain basic financial goals they want to attain, but such objectives usually are not precisely defined. To help meet their goals, a bewildering array of investments, insurance, savings plans, tax-savings devices, retirement plans and the like is constantly being offered to the public, but these financial instruments and plans are presented in a piecemeal fashion. Furthermore, consumers are faced with a dilemma because of the affluence in our society, in which more and more people can benefit from the more sophisticated financial planning techniques.


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Personal Financial PlanningWhat is personal financial planning?

Personal financial planning is the development and implementation of total, coordinated plans for the achievement of one’s overall financial objectives. The essential elements of this concept are the development of coordinated plans for a person’s overall financial affairs based upon his or her total financial objectives. The idea is to focus on the individual’s objectives as the starting point in financial planning, rather than emphasize the use of one or more financial instruments to solve only some financial problems. Because of the comprehensive nature of financial planning, it must be coordinated with all the other members of the planning team—attorney, accountant, investment advisor and insurance agent. The planning process can be divided into six stages:

  1. Gather data

  2. Establish goals and objectives
  3. Process and analyze information
  4. Recommend a comprehensive plan
  5. Implement the plan
  6. Monitor the plan.

So, Who needs Financial Planning?

Everyone whose financial aims are not yet defined or fulfilled. Those with high incomes or substantial business or property interests may require a more sophisticated plan. However, even those with modest income or assets may actually have a greater need for discipline in financial matters. Some of the more significant needs are:

  • Retirement 

  • Build an estate 

  • Reduce income and estate taxes


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