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After you have decided what your goals are, you need to go about the task of determining what you will have available for adequate resources upon retirement.



Planning for your future...Most experts believe that you should try to set 70-80% of your current income as a retirement goal. However, since people are living much longer and in many cases, retiring early, don't forget about your dreams for retirement--pursuing new academic studies, traveling, hobbies, etc. Also, medical costs and long term care cannot be overlooked. Without careful planning, an individual's entire estate could be decimated.

It has been said that time consumes all things. The rapid passage of time can quickly consume the dreams that we have for retirement. We, at EMERALD PLANNING, would like to sit down with you and review your circumstances so that the "golden years" will truly be golden.

For those of you who would like to know what your social security will be in the future, check this out:

 Click her to go to SSA's website!


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